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Testimonials :: “Let my results do the talking for me”

We want to thank you for assisting us in finding our house. You were always professional, and eager to go house hunting. You provided us with plenty of options in this market and we never felt pressured to buy quickly. We plan on buying more rental properties in the future and will always use you as our Realtor. I have already recommended you to friends and clients.
Thanks again,

Laura Spaulding
Jennifer Dobies

We recommend Lance Mohr of Keller Williams Realty as the most effective and honest Realtor® (both of which are hard to find). My wife and I were making plans to move to Virginia and were trying to sell our house through a flat rate realty company. After six months later with only two showings, we decided that we needed to find a realtor that was aggressive in their approach to real estate. After interviewing several different realtors we decided emphatically to use Lance Mohr. We felt that others did not have the right formula to get the job done in this very difficult buyers market.
One thing that really impressed us about Lance Mohr was his marketing plan. We found that most realtors do not have the marketing budget that Lance has. Most realtors rely only on MLS, and open houses to sell a home, both of which are very ineffective. We feel the reason our home sold in only three weeks (despite of it being a “buyers market”) was completely due to Lance’s marketing plan combined with his professionalism and accessibility.
We recommend Lance Mohr enthusiastically to any home seller/buyer.

Dean and Rebekah Fragasso

We take great pleasure in our recommendation of you and your services to us during the recent sale of our investment townhouse. We expected only the usual MSL listing and frankly did not expect to hear much from you; what we got was an overwhelming response to the listing and much daily personal attention from you as to status reports, showings, proffered contracts, comments from prospective buyers, and other information helpful to us in marketing the property.
Despite the fact that this was considered by many real estate professionals to be a “lower end property”, you expended the same energy and enthusiasm as though we had a million dollar property; we sincerely could not have asked for better representation and more personal attention.

Tressie and George Wilhelm

We had our home listed with another Realtor for over 45 days and didn´t receive any offers. We were going to lower the price by $10,000 but decided to work with Lance instead. After doing everything in the conditioning booklet that he gave us, we put our home back on the market at the same price. We were amazed when the first two couples that looked at our home and both wrote offers above the asking price. We can not recommend Lance enough and thank him for making us at least $10,000 more than we thought. His “Conditioning Booklet – 90 ways to sell your home fast and for more money” is priceless.

Gina and Joe Calvin

After trying to sell my home myself for 2 ½ months and having no luck I called Lance. He was the only realtor I spoke with that had a game plan, in writing, for getting my home sold. It sold in 12 days at full price. It´s nice to work with such a professional.

Phil Lyon

As a builder representative I work with Realtors every day. When Maria and I needed to sell our home we chose Lance. Whenever friends and clients ask me to refer them a good agent that is knowledgeable and will look after their best interest I always give them Lance´s business card. After being in the business twenty years, I´ve seen all types of Realtors and Lance is one of the best I´ve ever seen.

Bill (a Builder Representative)

I´ve worked with Lance for over 2 years now. Almost everyone in my family has used Lance to buy/sell a home. I refer him to everybody I can. He´s the best Realtor I´ve ever worked with.
Ann (a Builder Representative)

Lance, thank you so much for selling our home and helping us get into our new home. You were a pleasure to work with.

Kit & Angela Watts

Denise and I want to thank you for getting us into our new home. We can´t believe how smooth the home buying process was. All we kept on hearing was how horrible it was to buy a new home. You walked us through the entire new home process and educated us about the quality of construction with the local builders. Because of your relationship with the builders, you where able to get them to reduce the sales price by $12,500. Thanks for everything.

Ed Cross

We are glad you stopped by our open house when Joe and I were trying to sell ourselves. We want to thank you for getting our home sold and helping us get into a new home. It´s great to work with someone who has great follow-up and does what they say they are going to do. You´re a gem.

Joe & Donette Hughes

I had watched Lance sell the home across the street from mine very quickly and my impression was that if the neighbor´s home could sell so easily, my home could too. Figuring I could save money on the commission I listed with the local Help-U-Sell office. In hindsight I definitely should have interviewed more than one agent before I signed on. Perhaps if I should have taken the time to educate myself. I cut corners in the hiring process and I paid for it. I had no pre-determined way to pick the agent that was going to handle one of the biggest and most important financial events of my life! I was thinking “with my wallet” instead of my brain. After three long months I had enough and called the Lance Mohr team.
During our meeting I learned that selling a home is a process, and that a smart seller is prepared to interview an agent the same way a Fortune 500 company would interview prospective new hires, purposely and thoroughly. I had made my previous hiring decision on who charged the lowest fee instead of who could help me get my home sold right. Lance´s team sold my home at the full asking price in less than thirty days. Yes I paid a slightly higher commission than the $4,995 offered by Help-U-Sell, but I sold my home for a nice profit that more than made up for the slightly higher fee. I guess you could say I got a graduate education in realestateology 101, and with Lance leading the class, it only took a month and not four long years for me to graduate.

Kathy Schneider

We’ve been in our new home now for almost 2 months, and we wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten you. All of your help in finding this house, to assisting us with closing costs will always be remembered and appreciated. We could not have done it (become HOMEOWNERS) without you. We’ll keep you in mind whenever we hear someone’s buying a house and needs a wonderful trustworthy realtor!

Melvin & Vivienne Ventura

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Lance Mohr for the outstanding job he has done in working with my husband and me in our quest to find a home. Lance has exhibited all the qualities we had anticipated in searching for the right real estate consultant to represent us in coordinating efforts to find a home. His integrity along with his professionalism, honesty, patience and consistent follow through is definitely a quality Keller Williams should be proud of with Lance. I feel confident that I would recommend Lance to any prospective buyer or seller that needs a consultant that will represent them with quality service.
Bernadine Eberle

I wanted to let you know that my very first experience with a realtor, and I hooked up with him by chance, was a wonderful one. He was very informative, extremely professional and helped me to understand aspects of the process outside of his field of realty. I was given access to him 24 hrs. a day, although I tried not to abuse that. His communication skills were a God send to me. Buying your first home can be , to say the least, frustrating! Lance made everything okay. You have a fantastic member of your team here. Don’t let him go!
Thank you,

Kathleen M Noyce

Thank you for taking such good care of me throughout the entire process from start to finish and after!

Brandy Scott

In my opinion, Lance did an excellent job in assisting me.

Stan Hogsdon

Lance was better than we expected a realtor to be at prompt service. He was very helpful in not just selling us a home, but helped us get a fair price and a few extras such as carpet, etc.
Thanks Lance,

Donnie Miller


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